• Commercial

    Innovative finance for the purchase, refinance and improvement of commercial property for investors, traders and the business community.

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  • Residential

    Cost-effective advances for property investors and traders for the purchase, refinance or improvement of houses and flats and regulated loans for owner-occupiers.

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  • Development

    Lending terms for house builders and property traders for the purchase and development of land for new homes and the refurbishment and conversion of existing buildings.

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  • When is a bridging loan not a bridging loan?

    Managing Director, Brian Rubins, discusses how property finance has become more complex in recent years but can be rewarding for those who can measure the risks and implement a wider process in an efficient and timely fashion. Turn back the clock to when bridging finance was simple – Mr & Mrs Smith wanted buy a…

  • Lending position strong at Alternative Bridging

    Lenders’ post Brexit wobbles are presenting opportunities for Alternative Bridging Corporation Limited (Alternative Bridging) to demonstrate that certainty is king. Their 20-year track record of keeping their heads through sector fluctuations should assure the market that they will not pull out of deals at the last minute because of post-Brexit shock or lack of liquidity….

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