• Commercial

    Innovative finance for the purchase, refinance and improvement of commercial property for investors, traders and the business community.

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  • Residential

    Cost-effective advances for property investors and traders for the purchase, refinance or improvement of houses and flats and regulated loans for owner-occupiers.

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  • Development

    Lending terms for house builders and property traders for the purchase and development of land for new homes and the refurbishment and conversion of existing buildings.

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  • Home extensions, a broker’s opportunity…

    “Home extensions are a financing opportunity for brokers as well as saving considerable and unrecoverable expenses for homeowners”, says Brian Rubins, Director of Alternative Bridging Corporation (Alternative). Rubins continues, “Although the sales market has become lethargic there is a shortage of available stock and a dearth of new houses being constructed. Secondly, because of this…

  • Commercial opportunities for brokers

    Commercial loans provide tremendous business opportunities for brokers but are often missed as there remains confusion as to what constitutes a commercial loan, according to Brian Rubins, Director of Alternative Bridging Corporation (Alternative). Rubins said, “There is often confusion as to whether a commercial loan is for a retail shop, or for a portfolio of…

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