• Commercial

    Innovative finance for the purchase, refinance and improvement of commercial property for investors, traders and the business community.

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  • Residential

    Cost-effective advances for property investors and traders for the purchase, refinance or improvement of houses and flats and regulated loans for owner-occupiers.

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  • Development

    Lending terms for house builders and property traders for the purchase and development of land for new homes and the refurbishment and conversion of existing buildings.

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  • Steady ship in choppy waters

    For introducers of loans the most important factor is ‘consistency and certainty of closing’, even more important than lower interest rates or the Loan to Value (“LTV”) discourse, according to Alternative Bridging Corporation (Alternative). Brian Rubins, Alternative’s Managing Director said, “This is the broker community’s message and, of course, it is totally logical as without…

  • Guide to Development Finance process for brokers

    To help brokers recognise how development finance differs from bridging loans Alternative Bridging Corporation Ltd (Alternative) has provided a guide to the process to get the right funding in place in a timely fashion. It can often seem like a complex process but when learned, Alternative argues brokers will generate meaningful sized loans and significant…

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