About Us

We are principal lenders, not brokers, who make Residential and Commercial loans from £150,000 to £10m for up to twenty-four months.

With a 25-year track record, we are an experienced, dedicated team of property finance professionals who understand both commercial and residential property loans and development finance. Put simply, property lending is our business.

About Us - The ABC of Bridging Lenders

There are many sources of bridging finance, so how do you choose the lender that’s right for you? We’d suggest considering the following six points:

1. The right attitude

We start from the position of wanting to lend. We believe that’s important, because when you set out on a business relationship with that mindset, you work harder to understand every client’s business, to find solutions and to overcome challenges.

2. Long lasting relationships

For many of the people and organisations who find fast bridging finance with us, this won’t be their first time working with us, and it certainly won’t be their last. We work harder to ‘get under the skin’ of every borrower, because when we truly understand the requirements we can tailor the loan more effectively. That enables us to say ‘yes’ more often, which increases the chances that you will choose us for your bridging loans again and again.

3. Speedy decisions

One of the key reasons to choose bridge loan lenders is their ability to offer finance fast – so you can take advantage of last-minute buying opportunities or overcome unexpected problems. Yet it’s important to balance that speed with diligence and responsibility.

At ABC, our very structure makes swift, diligent decision-making easier, with a short chain of command that means your application doesn’t spend an eternity in limbo. We can make a decision in principle almost immediately.

4. Industry experience

We’ve been arranging bespoke bridging finance for more than a quarter of a century. We’re also members of our industry’s main trade bodies, the Association of Short Term Lenders and patrons of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers. We believe that says something about our approach and our capabilities. Because when you need secured bridging finance to be carefully tailored to your precise requirements, you need property lenders with the breadth and depth of experience to deliver.

5. Regulated loans

A bridging loan must be regulated when secured against a property which is, has been or will become owner occupied. Different rules apply when the loan is for business or investment purposes which do not involve owner occupation or when the loan is taken out by a company/business, rather than a person.

Alternative Bridging Corporation (Cheval) are Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated bridging lenders, authorised by them to provide regulated loans secured on owner-occupied homes.

6. Transparency

Bridging finance is complex, and when you need finance fast, as invariably is the case with bridging loans, it’s all too easy to commit to something in haste before its full implications become clear.

That’s why, at Alternative Bridging Corporation, we believe honesty and transparency are essential at every part of the process. Of course, that applies to the loan, the interest and the repayment terms, but it also applies to knowing where your money is coming from. We believe it’s important for you to know, for example, that we are directly funded. At ABC, we are the lender and don’t have the pressures and limitations other lenders may have.

Will you say yes?

That’s the beauty of bridging loans with Alternative Bridging Corporation – we say yes all the time. That’s because we approach the whole concept of bridging from a different perspective to many of our competitors. We work harder to find a reason to say yes, simply and swiftly.

Let us say yes to you.

Find the right loan product for you now. Or to talk to us about your current or pending development/investment project, and to explore your lending needs, please get in touch.


We are members of our industry’s main trade bodies, the Association of Short Term Lenders and are also patrons of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (“NACFB”).


Southern Group Limited was founded by Brian Rubins and his family in 1992. Since then it has significantly increased in size but remains a family owned and managed business dedicated to property finance.

  • 1992: Southern Group Limited and subsidiaries incorporated as a lender and property finance intermediary
  • 1997: Property Finance Limited incorporated, focused on short-term loans as a principal and originated 118 loans
  • 2008: Intermediary services ceased and Property Finance Limited rebranded and relaunched as Alternative Bridging Corporation Limited (“ABC”)
  • 2013: Cheval Commercial Finance Limited (“Cheval”) purchased and incorporated into Alternative Bridging Corporation to provide an authorised platform for Regulated Loans
  • 2015: Offices moved to Borehamwood in anticipation of accommodating additional underwriters and larger support team for BDMs
  • 2016: BDM team expanded to provide on the spot coverage in Midlands, North and South West
  • 2017: Our Director of Sales expands the London and South East team due to growth demands in London regions
  • 2018: Alternative Bridging Corporation Limited, opens a dedicated Midlands office to facilitate the expansion of its business in the region

Put simply, property lending is our business

Property Loans
Finance for the property industry and business community
Property Loans
Short-term loans for homeowners and residential investors
Individually structured development finance for residential and commercial projects
The ALTERNATIVE Overdraft provides a flexible loan facility which can be drawn upon whenever required.
Term Loan
Individually underwritten loans by people for people, not tick boxes and algorithms.